Making a charitable donation using Octopus

1. Identify the volunteers with proof issued by the organisation (e.g. Volunteer badge, label or clothing, etc.)

2. Identify Octopus Readers and pouch for charity activity; the pouch bears the logo of the organisation

Octopus Card Reader    Octopus Card Reader and Pouch Sample

3. The Reader displays a “Pls present card” screen

“Pls present Octopus” screen

4. "Dood" / Swipe your Octopus over the Reader, a fixed amount will be deducted for donation

5. Donor will hear a ‘dood’ sound upon successful donation and the screen of the Reader will display the donation deducted from and the remaining balance on the Octopus.

The screen of the Reader shows message of successful donation and the remaining balance of the Octopus Card

6. To donate again, you may:

  • swipe your Octopus after 1 minute; or
  • swipe another Octopus; or
  • make a donation via another volunteer equipped with the Octopus Reader nearby; or
  • donate with cash via the volunteer carrying traditional flag-bags or donation box

7. Donor can check the last 10 transactions via the Octopus Enquiry Machines free of charge at any MTR station. The transaction record of the donation will show “Donation  $(Donation Amount)”.

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