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Operated by the Information Technology Resource Centre of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the "Charity Octopus" aims at introducing the use of Octopus, a popular electronic payment, in traditional charity activities. Thus, citizens can enjoy a more convenient way to donate; and that non-profit organisations can also enhance the effectiveness of charity activities.


Flag-day organisers who had been allocated, by the Social Welfare Department, a flag-day are eligible to apply for the use of Octopus Readers on their flag-day, be it a territory-wide flag-day or a regional one. Applications shall be submitted to Information Technology Resource Centre.

The non-profit organizations, which are exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, to apply our program. Please notice that priority will be given to HKCSS members and one off fundraising program that is applying or having the licence/permit listed below:
—Public Subscription Permits issued by the Social Welfare Department
—Temporary Hawker Licence issued by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
—Lottery Licence issued by the Home Affairs Department 

Flag-day/Event organisers shall submit the application no less than 6 weeks before the flag-day. Information Technology Resource Centre reserves the rights to reject late applications.


A maximum of 80 units of Octopus Readers will be deployed for charity purpose on each flag-day/event day.

The fixed amount of donation could help the general public easily appreciate the mechanism of "Charity Octopus" and simplify the volunteers' operation on the Readers, which in turn will benefit the utilization of the electronic payment in charity activities. Thus, each applicant has to state the donation amount of each readers in their application.

Basic Service Charge 

The organisations will be charged for the use of Octopus Readers to cover the cost of operation by the Information Technology Resource Centre:

No. of Octopus Readers

Basic Service Charge
(not include transportation cost)

1-10 Units  HK$500
11-20 Units HK$1,000
21-30 Units HK$1,200
31-40 Units HK$1,400
41-50 Units HK$1,600
51-60 Units HK$1,700
61-70 Units HK$1,800

(1)  Besides the above service fee charged by the HKCSS, no other handling fee or transaction fee will be charged by the HKCSS or Octopus Cards Limited.
(2) The rentals are charged on every 10 Octopus readers.  Rentals for an individual reader is not provided.
(3) The readers have to return to ITRC within 5 days after the first transaction.
(4) The service fee included 2 times basic transaction upload service (Non on site).


Additional Service Charge

  • Volunteer Training

ITRC can provide a 1-hour volunteer training on the technics and details of using Octopus readers for flag selling, based on organisation’s individual needs. Each volunteer training will cost HK$500.  Organisation needs to provide training venue with proper equipment.

  • Same Date Transaction Upload Service (On site)

On organisation’s request, ITRC can provide on site transaction upload service after the event. So that the organisation can get the temperory total transaction amount within the same day. Each on site service will cost HK$350 and apply to all rented Octopus readers.  Organisation needs to provide suitable venue with proper equipment. Please notice the final report will be given 2 working days after the upload.

  • Extra Transaction Upload Service

The service fee included 2 times basic transaction upload service (Non on site). On organisation’s request, ITRC can provide transaction upload service (Non on site). Each time will cost HK$80 and apply to all rented Octopus readers.

  • Detailed Transaction Report

On organisation’s request, ITRC can print out detailed transaction report of every Octopus readers, showing the date and time of each transaction. This service will cost HK$200 and apply to all rented Octopus readers. Organisation needs to apply for this service during the Octopus readers’ rental application.

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