Project Background

The prevalence of electronic money has provided convenience to Hong Kong people and is conceivably reducing the use of petty cash and coins in the community.  The charity flag-selling activity, a highly effective way of fund raising in Hong Kong, needs to adapt itself following such technological evolvement.

Frontline flag-selling volunteers have the observation that many fellow citizens might not have coins or changes on hand. The use of electronic money in flag selling is therefore explored in this “Charity Octopus”.

The Information Technology Resource Centre of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, launches the “Charity Octopus” with the sponsorship and support from Octopus Cards Limited. By introducing the use of Octopus, a popular electronic payment, in traditional flag-selling activities, we believe that citizens can enjoy a more convenient way to donate.

November 2016, we launched “Charity Octopus – Octopus for Fundraising (E-Flag Extension Pilot Program)” to introduce the use of Octopus in one off fundraising program. We believe that non-profit organisations joining this program can enhance the effectiveness of flag-selling activities, and raise more funds for meaningful causes.

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